Jared Leto Tour Guides Alaska’s Melting Glaciers in 360°: Act In Paris

Narrated by Jared Leto, The Sierra Club and RYOT partnered to film the first climate change PSA in 360 virtual reality. Just two months shy of the international climate negotiations in Paris, this transports you to the front lines of climate change and urges world leaders to take meaningful action on climate. For more information and to take action, go to: www.actinparis.org

If you own Google Cardboard, download the RYOT-VR app to view this and more in virtual reality!

Executive Producers: Bryn Mooser, Asher Levin
Producer: Molly DeWolf Swenson
Director(s): Tyson Sadler, Cory Tran
Stitcher: Dirk Wallace
Editors: Khalil Anderson, Dan Dasho, Tania Leiva
Writer: Ben Roffee

Equipment: 360Heros Pro6 (http://www.360heros.com/)

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