XS CAD at AU 2016, Virtual Reality for MEP and Architecture

XS CAD exhibited at Autodesk University in Las Vegas in November 2016. With approximately 10,000 attendees from the construction, manufacturing and film design sectors, this was the third time that XS CAD has exhibited at the annual event.

With most attendees seeing the value in working with a company that is as detailed and thorough as XS CAD, as an external supplier XS CAD’s ability to integrate seamlessly into a customer’s design service is usually a point of discussion. XS CAD views the AU show as an important platform to communicate and share some of our projects around the globe as it provides BIM services to retailers, architects, homebuilders and MEP engineers.

This year XS CAD’s team demonstrated Virtual Reality (VR) models for MEP and architectural projects. Providing a 360 holistic perspective of some of our MEP and architectural models, our VR experience allowed visitors to experience some of our 3D models through VR goggles and also to walkthrough some of our 3D environments. We were able to create models that were more realistic by taking production models and importing them into 3DS Max. Using a VR remote control, users were also able to experience, the experience of walking around an M&E plant room and a beachside villa.

With many users commenting on the realism and the usefulness of the VR environment for their customers and also for internal communication, the overall user feedback was very positive.

XS CAD’s in house R&D team continue to research VR and how it can be used for varied MEP and architectural BIM projects. The R&D team have also investigated how MEP coordinators, MEP designers and contractors can benefit from VR within an Augmented Reality (AR) environment and hope to demonstrate this at future events.

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