VR Happy Hour 360 Video, Virtual Reality for Everyone

Hi I’m Nick Quay and I am passionate about selling real estate in the coolest city on earth, Miami! Many people tell me they will never be able to “get into VR” because they are either not a techie or do not want to spend so much money on electronics they cannot figure out how to use.” That statement could not be farther from the truth, they just don’t know it. VR Headsets used in this video start at $12 and go up to $99+.

If you can figure out YouTube and you found this video here, you can use the basics of Virtual Reality and 360 content. It’s so easy. My goal is to educate others and share from my years of personal and business use some of my knowledge about VR. If I can bridge the gap and break down the tech fears for a hand full of people, I will be happy.

I sell Miami and South Florida real estate and love using VR and 360 videos because it allows me to bring in buyers from all across the globe 24 hours a day for their own private Virtual Open House! Since most of the buyers here (75-90% in some areas) are not from Florida, this technology helps tremendously in attracting and touching more buyers than my competition and can also result in more offers from qualified buyers on the properties I represent and sell.

I see many application beyond my own for this technology. Since I own all the equipment and have been using it since very early on I have seen where it has come and where it is going in the near future. If you have interest in learning more please feel free to contact me anytime. If you feel you want the best service in Miami with undeniable benefits over other agents and brands, I would be honored to meet and speak with you as well. My doors are open anytime and I also travel to cities nearby. Since my company has close to 90,000 agents in the USA and we are a top tier national brand, I can help you in any city you have needs. We also have offices in over 100 other countries, I can introduce you to the right person in almost any place you need.

Thank you for watching, I truly hope you learned something. For a private VR Experience come see me anytime!

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– Nick Quay
email: [email protected]
Smart Home and Virtual Reality Specialist
Certified Negotiations Expert
Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate