VR 360 Video: A 2 Day Walk along the South Downs Way (in 15 minutes)

Last week we walked a 25 mile loop around the South Downs Way over 2 days, staying overnight at an old inn. This is a 15 minute collection of moments I filmed on the Theta so that you can walk it with us! It was wild and windy, and there were lots of pubs and cliffs and sheep. The South Downs Way is an ancient path in the south coast of England. Bill Bryson described this part of it as “one of the great walks of England… On a sunny day like this one, it is a world of simple, bright elements; green land, white cliffs, deep blue sea, matching sky.” I shot and cut this on holiday last week, and now I’m busy at work this week – so although I want to cut it down and add titles, I thought I’d post it here now as a first draft. I’d be interested to know how it works for you in VR as a longer video, with time to look around and see the sights.