test world 360° VR 3D this is just a test [V2 – black hole bug fixed]

test world 360° VR 3D this is just a test.

– youtube, develops a inverted string for make the video a sphere and make it possible to roll/turn like a globe or just that can be like a 3D object

– when you done this step, then develops a string for navigate in the video, i mean put the controls for navigate, like on google maps.

– then when you done this…. the future is come 😀

– and then when this is done.. starting again to thinking at another way that can make much more real the video experience…

– and when you done this.. do again this loop steps 😀

in future the videos on youtube will be as a real game!! :D….
in 2040 around 🙂

this isn’t a joke but… take it like if is a joke.
and, and, and,……….. 😉 😛 😀