TCGS Virtual Reality Experience! S1E9 w/ Kumail Nanjiani (360 VR Video)

The Chris Gethard Show has broken down the traditional television barriers in the past, but now we’re taking it a step further by allowing you to attend an episode in Virtual Reality! Kumail Nanjiani joins the show this week, and we ask our viewers to sum up their entire life story in merely five words. …But, watch anything you want. You’re your own VR boss!

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Executive Producer
Zach Galifianakis

Executive Producer
Will Ferrell
Adam McKay

Executive Producer
Owen Burke
Anna Wenger

Executive Producer
Brian Stern

Executive Producer and Hosted By
Chris Gethard

Executive Producer and Directed By
J.D. Amato

Line Producer
Jim Sharon

Keith Haskel

Production Manager
Dave Szarejko

Consulting Producers
Greg Dorris
Joanna Firestone
Noah Forman
Dru Johnston

Shannon O’Neill
Murf Meyer

Bethany Hall
David Bluvband

On The Hoops
Mimi Fischer

With Special Guest
Kumail Nanjiani

With Musical Guest
Downtown Boys

Hallie Bulleit
Alex Clute
Bill Florio
Jon Vafiadis
Mike Yannich

Music Curators
Kiri Oliver
Heidi Vanderlee
Zane Van Dusen

Hair and Makeup
Lisa Iadorola

Nick Mougis

Asisstant Editor
Rekha Shankar

Production Designer
Dickie Dibella

Lighting Designer
Doug Carnevale

Production Audio
Immix Productions

Production Office Coordinator
Robert Malone

Audience Coordinator
Andrew Parrish

Script Supervisor
Emma Noble

Camera Operators
Bill Akerlund
Les Baum
Perry Finklestein
Linda Horton
Tom O’Connell
Raj Sirohi

Associate Director
Susan Locke

Technical Director
Lori Gallati

Video Control
James McCay

Tape Operator/EVS
Kevin Watson

Dan Szabo

Production Coordinators
Patrick Cotnoir
Michael Tannenbaum

Virtual Reality Version Produced by Surreal, Inc.