Shannon & Matt: A Virtual Reality Love Story

Congratulations Shannon & Matt! They had a beautiful, traditional Catholic wedding ceremony, and we captured it in 360 for a Virtual Reality experience.

We filmed Shannon and Matthew’s wedding and reception with a 360-degree camera, which means we captured everything with a 360-degree wraparound view. We captured everything around in 360 degrees — every direction, front and back, up and down.

You can see Shannon walked down the aisle by her father and Matt at the altar waiting for her just by mousing around the video.

You can see the bride and groom at the altar, and parents, family and friends simultaneously during the ceremony all by mousing around the video. Because every direction is recorded at the same time, you can mouse in every direction, front and back, up and down, to view the entire church, ceremony and audience.

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Stay tuned for Shannon and Matt’s reception Virtual Reality Video!