Setting up VR in an educational context | Sharing Practice

Virtual Reality/360 degree videos are becoming more popular, and may be a useful tool in schools and colleges. They immerse learners in a different environment giving them a very real sense of what a place or situation is like. It can be a useful tool for bringing the world into the classroom to spark conversations, research, debate and reflection.

This video takes Lecturers and Teachers through the step-by-step process I use to set VR up for a class. I use the students’ own mobile phones (i-phones are usually the most successful) and VR ShineCon headsets. The cost doesn’t need to be huge- the headsets shown in this video are on sale online for £15-£25. If you are working in an area of deprivation your students might not have mobile phones that are modern enough to pick up on movement for VR to work- it might be an idea to buy a few phones to go with your headsets and share them round.

So far I’ve used the Virtual Reality channel on YouTube ( but the BBC’s Taster site can be useful ( and they’ve started to make some of their current affairs programmes in 360 degrees (, As I find more resources I’ll include them in this description or make a new video with them all collected together!

Thanks to Kevan, Russell, Jonathan, Joe, Arlene and all the students for helping/trying this out!