SEE-IT-3D 360 Virtual Reality Experience of Hexathalon – “Best Obstacle” OCR Awards

“The Bing Blazer Hexathalon obstacle was named the Best Obstacle at the 2016 OCR Scotland Awards.

The Hexathalon structure offers 6 obstacles combined within a giant
24-foot by 60-foot scaffolding structure. There are the 3 wall climbs and 1 wall descent of different sizes to challenge strength and power of the legs and core.
There is a small rest at the top before heading down the ladders
to test agility and a fireman’s pole for a bit of fun.
The longest monkey bars in Scotland- at 60 foot in length it is an immense grip challenge, and an 18 foot rope climb which challenges the upper body.
All in all fun for those goal driven folks aiming to reach the finish line of health , well being in successfully completing on of many obstacles.
Hexathalon , we admire you!

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