Olialia Screen Virtual Reality 360 – Making of Olialia India promotion video

Olialia (Oooh La La) theme song, sung by Oksana, Skaiste, Monika of Olialia Music Group; produced by Abhishek Verma, Anca Verma, Justas Tomkus; recorded in Vilnius Lithuania; edited by Arturas Povilaitis. Video wall Live VJ and 360 virtual reality video filming by Olialia Screen. Powered by PM Screen.

Olialia Screen – We provide innovative Event Solutions to help you increase the engagement of participants on any type of event from music festivals to conferences or shopping malls.
3D Mapping projection, 3D Holograms, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality.

Olialia Group is widely recognized by the world media. A recognition rate of 99% in Europe, which is unprecedented for any brand. Olialia stands for a smart blonde business women with experience, ruling over 80 different projects and products. Since its introduction into the European markets, Olialia popularity has grown immensely, providing Olialia with its top-selling signature products and projects in Europe. Its core business areas are Cola & alcoholic beverages, entertainment, lifestyle, exclusive travel, banking, food & beverages, real-estate and innovative event solutions.

Products carrying Olialia brand achieved sales in excess of Euros 500 million in financial year 2014 – 2015.