Mazhaikottai Trichy Tamilnadu India 360 Virtual Reality VR video one of the FAMOUS TEMPLES Climibing

Hello Everyone,


In this video i have shown the 360 Virtual reality video of climbing one of the famous temple in one of the famous cities in Tamilnadu which is Mazhaikottai Uchi pillayaar kovil (aka temple).

PLEASE NOTE THAT : The Inner parts of the temple is restricted to photography though i have shown you the virtual reality of climbing the temple.

If you are in this city or devotee do visit the temple in person and have a great time exploring more on the inner parts of the temple.

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Tips on How to watch this 360 video ?

You don’t have to download anything just follow the steps giving below

Make sure you watch the video in 720p and more, you can change the video quality settings in youtube gear icon in the progress bar of the video

Put on your vr goggles and enjoy the experience of being in our Montfort School

If you are viewing through browser either use w,a,s,d keys in ur keyboard to navigate

Or use ur mouse to click and drag

If you watch from ur mobile phone make sure you have gyroscope inbuilt in ur device and move the device in 360 fashion in all directions and see the video

You can also touch on the mobile screen and move the screen to rotate and see