Item review – RITECH 3 Plus Virtual Reality Glasses

This is a video review I made about the RITECH 3 Plus virtual reality glasses.

The model: RITECH 3 Plus / RITECH III Plus / REIM 3 Plus / REIM III Plus

The pros:
– Nice design
– Very light (weight only 290 grams, excluding the smartphone)
– The capacitive touch button – this is the RITECH III Plus version of the touch magnet from the google cardboard, that simulates the human’s finger touch on the smartphone’s screen
– Very functional – It is very easy to open the front panel to insert/take out the smartphone, the switches that adjust the lenses, the capacitive touch button located on the bottom, transpartent window in the front panel for AR (instead of removing any parts)
– Friendly for people who wear glasses

The cons:
– No movement of the lenses back/forth
– Black boundaries of the picture/video are noticeable compared to other VR glasses (I think there are boundries in any VR glasses, and if you choose not to be bothered about it then you wont be…)
– I felt pressure on my nose after wearing them for a while
– Picture smeared when I moved my head during a video/game (not sure if it is because of the lenses, the quality of the content or my smartphone)

Here is the description of the item on Aliexpress:
RITECH III Plus VR 360 Viewing Immersive Virtual Reality 3D VR Headset Google Cardboard Games Glasses

Here is the link to the item on Aliexpress:

Here is a link to the Google Cardboard (Including 360 & VR apps to download for free!):

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