Incubofilms VR Show Reel – English – 4K 360 Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality is the future of video, it gives the opportunity to the viewer to enter a different world and to explore every single detail in every direction. 3D Objects, Logos, Animations, especially when combined with realistic Photos and Videos in 360° Environment, can welcome the viewer to a journey that feels familiar and futuristic at the same time.

These are some examples of our work and the endless possibilities that Virtual Reality video brings to corporate videos, arts and entertainment. Combining Illustrator or Photoshop Graphics with 3-D animation is one thing, turning it into 360-degree video is a different experience with new life for the customer and viewer. It is fresh, it is futuristic, it is absolutely great!

Every 3-D model and 2-D or 3-D graphic can be transformed into a Virtual Reality object. Adobe’s After Effects works perfectly with every type of 3-D model or 2-D / 3-D Logo, with no limitation.

Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to answer any single question about your product or your vision, and to find the best possible solution to any idea.