How I Shoot 360: Fabien Soudiere Pt1

In this first episode of our Sundays “How I Shoot 360” series, I am explaining you how I like to shoot 360 videos using the iZugar Z3X rig, focusing on the creative rather than the technical aspect.

To avoid too much post-production and stitching, I shoot an empty plate as a high resolution still used for my background, as well as a tripod plate.

This allow me to then shoot either with all cameras or one camera at a time focusing on the foreground actions / subjects. Just like in traditional filmmaking, I can record several takes, one camera at a time, one camera per subject. It works well for 360 narratives or any situation allowing you to shoot multiple takes.

My 360 rig of choice is the iZugar Z4X:

Here’s the 360 video result of this episode:

You can also download the sample footage to give it a try:

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