Girl House 360 video VR Horror in virtual relality sleeping

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The life of a beautiful naked Russian girl in virtual reality – take a peek.

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Music: Evening Lights – Niklas Ahlstrцm

00:11 Girl house alone Beautiful girl naked going to sleep in 360 video
00:25 Deep sleep in virtual reality
00:30 How RAM is look like in timelapse vr horror
00:37 Ghost appearance in vr
00:57 Ghost is moving around in #360video
01:30 Sexy girl ghost killing me

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In the present day, struggling to pay her way through school following the death of her father, college coed Kylie Atkins is recruited by entrepreneur Gary Preston to join his online pornography venture Girl House. Girl House allows its users to watch the ladies living inside the house 24/7 via 50 camera feeds. The girls perform stripteases and regular daily activities with the option of performing sexual acts on camera for additional money. Gary assures Kylie that Girl House’s technology cannot be hacked and that the house’s secret location is untraceable. Gary brings Kylie to the house and introduces her to Steve, who shares security guard duties with Big Mike. Kylie also meets fellow Girl House residents Kat, Devon, Janet, Heather, and Mia.