CORFU SPHERICAL – 360 Virtual Reality – Σφαιρική Κέρκυρα 360

The first Corfu 360 spherical video ever.
The new spherical cinema is coming ! Everything is changing and new filming techniques have to be invented. The viewer can explore all the space around and can not be directed by the film maker to a certain point of view, using the classical shooting ways (close plans, camera travelings, zooming etc). So as Sergei M. Eisenstein, was a pioneer in the theory and practice of montage, by introducing in 1925 with his Battleship Potemkin, the basic expressing ways of the cinema we all know so far, we now need new pioneers to do the job for the new Revolutionary Spherical Cinema.
This spherical documentary film is the first one ever, about the beautiful island and city of Corfu and you can explore it moving the screen all around, using the mouse (desktop PC) or your finger (smart phones). Use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer browsers for desktop PCs.
Enjoy it !

Marios Lefteriotis