360 video VR Girl – Zero To Hero: Complete #Transformation in bath (Oculus Rift)

Natasha: – “I know that you are a little bit tired of me, so please welcome my gorgeous friend – Carmen”

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The life of a beautiful #Russiangirl – take a peek.

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00:05 Ugly russian girl drinking tea in 360 video vr
00:16 Scary makeup blondy hair
00:22 Girl is crying how she ugly
00:27 Girls body in the mirror
00:40 Scissors sound prepare to cut
00.43 Cutting off all my hair!
01:01 Scary movie scream hopelessly
01:05 Trying to take off make-up
01:10 End of the ugly person #transformation
01:12 Romantic, beautiful, gorgeous girl is coming out from the bathroom
01:20 Beautiful dress beautiful body
01:31 Sexy girl showing in the mirror
01:36 Girl with no bra touching body
01:42 air kiss to all my subscribers
01:56 So do you like how Carmen has slowly transformed. Please leave the comments bellow

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Music: House of Horror – Marcus Svedin / Romantic Smile – Anders Ekengren